Your Nutrition Coach

I take you through a health assessment that puts you on a path to fueling your body with everything it needs for optimal and healthy weight loss (no exercise required, but recommended).  Chocolate is on the menu!

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Your Exercise Coach

I build an exercise strategy exclusively for you using your current energy levels and experience.

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Exercise and Weight Loss Coaching

Combined services to get you results fast, fun, and guaranteed.

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"Diet" a 4 letter word.

Diets are all about restriction, depravity, loneliness, and are just plain awful.  We believe in changing the status quo and using food as fuel in our LIVIT® Plans.

Diets are fads that hurt more people than they help.  They can destroy metabolism and put you in a more fat absorbing state after you "finish your diet."  That's why we put together LIVIT® Plans tailored to you for your daily life, not just some fad with an expiration date.

Want to know more?  Click on the "Get Started" icon above, below, or on any of our services and connect with us for an easy and simple Health Assessment to see where your health is currently at and what you want to see yourself accomplish in the next 30 days.  Together we can achieve more! - CEO & Founder, Jarrod Parde.


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